Dr. Michaela McClure

Hi, I’m
Dr. Michaela McClure.

I’m an avid-runner, Doctor of Chiropractic, expert in prenatal and postpartum care, former Team Canada athlete, and most importantly wife and mom of two.

I’ve been in your shoes! As a tired new mom wanting to feel like herself again, an athlete striving for a new personal best, and as a Doctor, I’m here to guide and support you through this journey. Let me help you reach your personal best – it’s what I’m passionate about!

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Mindfulness and You

Dr. Donna Rockwell, clinical psychologist/mindfulness expert wrote that most people live in a state where they are "either bemoaning their past or catastrophizing their future". What is mindfulness? Over the last decade, mindfulness has become a buzz-word. But what is...

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Why Exercise?

  We hear over and over again how important exercise is to our health. But do we understand why? Why exercise? What you gain Exercise brings many benefits. Did you know that the simple act of adding exercise to your day can add years to your life? A large study...

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Sleep zzzzzzz…

Sleep matters. We all require adequate sleep to function well but so many of us are living sleep deprived. Up to 60% of us report that we have trouble sleeping a few nights a week - what secrets do the other 40% know about getting a good night's rest? Consequences...

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