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Hi, I’m
Dr. Michaela McClure.

I’m an avid-runner, Doctor of Chiropractic, expert in prenatal and postpartum care, former Team Canada athlete, and most importantly wife and mom of two.

I’ve been in your shoes! As a tired new mom wanting to feel like herself again, an athlete striving for a new personal best, and as a Doctor, I’m here to guide and support you through this journey. Let me help you reach your personal best – it’s what I’m passionate about!

Do You Feel Unstoppable?

I’ve founded The Unstoppable You Project to help women live their best life! Take the first step towards a new you; subscribe today!

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Thank You to All our Unstoppable You Retreat Supporters

I am so excited that this event is unfolding for another year! This project of bringing incredible woman together in such a beautiful space, Langdon Hall, is a dream come true!  Thank you to all of the supportive companies who have helped make the experience for our Unstoppable Woman truly unforgettable.     Kelly Shane   Nikki Price  ... read more

California Dreaming, Sound good to you?

It was July 2016 and I had just finished a run listening to the Earn Your Happy Podcast with Lori Harder. Lori Harder, for anyone who doesn’t know her, is a personal growth and development coach and she runs a retreat once a year in South Carolina called, Bliss Project. She was talking about her Bliss Project Retreat and I was moved to sign up. I just knew I had to go and be there. Sure enough, during a mediation at this powerful weekend, through goosebumps and tears I had the vision of running my own retreat like this in Waterloo Region. For the Women of our area. It would be a powerful weekend like this with incredible women in one room, connecting and digging deep into self discovery work, dreaming and visioning, being inspired by incredible speakers and honouring themselves and their bodies with movement. The vision was clear, I had to bring this powerful experience HOME! I came home to tell my close group what my goal was. They became my accountability through fear and self doubt. They were the women who over the course of the next few months would check in and ask what they could do to help. They supported me and encouraged me. Kept me on track. The vision came to reality that fall (7 months after my trip to California) on October 28th 2017 at the beautiful Langdon Hall Country House and Spa. This day, made for all the women who like me, feel the call, the need for a day like this, to get clear, to dig in and peel off layers of themselves, connect... read more

“Me Time.” The Importance of Self Care.

Pop Quiz! Sum up your day in one word. I’m willing to bet that you came up with something along the lines of “hectic”, “stressful”, or “tiring”. Now, write down what you do in a typical day: wake the kids; prepare breakfast & lunches; dress the kids for school; drop the kids off at school; work; pick up the kids… STOP! Look at your list. Question: How much of what you’ve done has been for someone else? How much of it has been for you – JUST you? Answer: Probably not enough! You might be asking yourself: “Hold on, Michaela – are you actually telling me to be more SELFISH?” Well…yes AND no. Self Care… Or Selfish? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “selfish” as being “concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself; seeking or concentrating on one’s own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others”. Be sure to make note of the phrases, “excessively or exclusively with oneself” and “without regard for others”. Key: Doing things for others and doing things for yourself aren’t mutually exclusive! Caring for yourself isn’t being “selfish”. It isn’t caring any less about your family or your other responsibilities. It IS, however. about allowing yourself to do the things that bring YOU happiness/joy and about taking a few small steps to improve YOUR well-being. Just remember: Looking after your own well-being will actually make you better able to care for others! If you can fill up your self love cup first, you will be able to give from overflow instead of an empty cup.   Pop Quiz…Part 2! Remember that first list, the one that made you tired just thinking... read more