"I believe the body tells the story of your life"

Hi, I am Dr. Michaela! 

“I believe the body tells the story of your life” 

Are you looking to be free of pain and learn to trust your body again and step into your power?  

Within every ache, pain or emotion you are experiencing there is WISDOM!   

Instead of trying to get ride of it, numb it or push it down.   

We have to be curious about it. 

Take time to lean into it, sit with it and ask it what it is here to teach you. 

 With this new lens to view your pain, you can learn to tune into your body sensations and know they are happening for you, not to you.

I am here to remind you that YOU are your own HEALER and believing in that again may be as simple as learning to breathe (really BREATHE) again!   


I’ll guide you home to your body, using Chiropractic and Breathwork as core modalities for addressing both the physical and emotional pain you are experiencing. 

After 15 years of treating purely the physical structure of the body, I started to see that in many cases clearing out the physical and biomechanical issues of the body was only one piece to patient well-being. I began looking at the emotional side of health and uncovering how profoundly the emotions can effect our physical health and became passionate about helping guide patients and breathwork clients to look at their emotions and the impact they are having on the optimal functioning of the body.