This is a post I wrote last August. I wanted to get this message out again for anyone who can relate.

What an amazing and fun late summer day I had yesterday! It started …with a trip to the Market for fresh fruit, meats and veggies and an afternoon playing at the park with my 2 cuties. It was so special because it hasn’t been this way, at this time of year, for over 15 years!!!!

Since my University days, I have suffered horribly from seasonal allergies. In late August, they hit like a tonne of bricks. I can’t enjoy time outside for BBQs or walks with my family without feeling the reaction of my immune system to the pollens in the air. From itchy scratchy eyes, congestion like no other where I can’t even taste my food to constant sneezing, scratchy throat and exhaustion after sleep less nights.

This year I did something called Bioenergetics with Trish Unger, BIE Practitioner & Nutritionist because I really didn’t want to live like this anymore! After the 1st treatment, I was about 90% better and able to do many of the outdoor activities I enjoy and after the 2nd treatment this week I am 100% symptom free and no longer need my medication. I am so thrilled with the results that I had to share with everyone!

If you are an allergy sufferer, I encourage you to check out how you can benefit from BIE. I am learning daily about the countless benefits and to date Trish has helped many of my family members with food intolerances from avocado, dairy to strawberries and now seasonal allergies are on the ever growing list. I am looking forward to a weekend outside, barbequing, hiking on the trails and opening up the windows on these cool evening. Just soaking up every last ounce of summer we have left! Thanks Trish for introducing me to BIE and your amazing healing ways. If you would like to learn more about BIE check out her website at

Here’s to Being Unstoppable!
Dr. Michaela