Clients often ask me how I feel about Chiropractic care. To sum it up, I’m not sure that I would still be practicing if Dr. Michaela McClure hadn’t helped fix my wrist. She’s exceptional at what she does and passionate about getting her patients better! If you’re contemplating tackling that nagging pain, this is your girl!

Brandy Golightly

Registered Massage Therapist, Nest Wellness Collective

As I prepared for the birth of our little peanut, who arrived mere days ago, Dr. Michaela was there every step of the way. Offering subtle and gentle adjustments while providing stretches, exercises and an abundance of support- I’m not quite sure what I would have done without her.

Lauren Ernst

New Mom and Entrepreneur, Blaire Beauty

My adjustment today with you was AMAZING!! Thank you for all your insights into my old chronic pain and for your
super thorough assessment! You are one of a kind! So happy you joined Transitions in Health!

Trish Unger

Nutritionist and BIE Practitioner

Before I met Dr. McClure my assumptions about chiropractic medicine were that it was only for back problems and would not be something I would ever pursue. After learning about Dr. McClure’s illustrious running career with the elite running team in Guelph known as the Speed River Track and Field Club she shared with me that the reason why she wanted to study chiropractic medicine was because it had helped her tremendously as an elite athlete. A few months later as race day was approaching for my first ever half marathon I ended up getting my first running related injury, runners knee. I felt comfortable turning to Dr. McClure as I knew about how chiropractic medicine had helped her, and after months of training for this race I really wanted to give my best performance. After a few questions about where the pain was she asked for me to do a few squats and range of motion tests to assess symmetry and then from that quick assessment she knew exactly what the long list of muscle imbalances were that were contributing to my runners knee. I was amazed at how well she understood my body and how to fix it. After a few treatments using a combination of chiropractic adjustments, active release technique on those tight muscles, some at home exercises to strengthen those weaker muscles and some athletic tape to ensure my body would hold up on race day I was able to complete my first half marathon faster than my goal time. I have now been running for the past six years in events ranging from 5ks to full marathons and even some triathlons, and Dr. McClure has always been my biggest supporter in making sure I am injury free and able to toe the line ready to give it my all. Dr. McClure has really transformed my opinion about chiropractic medicine and along the way I have learned a lot about my own body awareness and I have a better understanding of how to keep running healthy so I can be a lifelong runner.
Chris Hauser

Student Veterinarian, Ontario Veterinary College, Class 2017