Breathwork Coaching


Breathwork is an incredible personal healing modality!

You are unconsciously aware of your breath every minute of every day.  

The true power lies in becoming consciously aware of how you breathe.  

Breathing with intention will change your life!

BREATHWORK has been described as an active form of meditation.

For anyone, who like me,  has trouble some days with meditation-

Breathwork is a great solution because you can actively focus on your breath and  in doing so,

can alter your state of consciousness.  

Breathwork has many health benefits that you can read more about {HERE} 

                                      Here are my top 3 Benefits of Breathwork! 

  • Calm the nervous system and find more inner peace, 
  • Move stuck emotions and energy in the body
  •  Connect to your intuition and inner knowing that you have inside.  

Book a Breathwork session to experience it for yourself!