I can help you have a pain free pregnancy and help minimize the need for interventions at delivery, Let me tell you how!

Did you know that Chiropractic is an important, safe and effective treatment in pregnancy?

I loved being pregnant!

And I love helping other mom’s enjoy a healthy pain free pregnancy.

Throughout pregnancy there are postural changes, a shift in centre of gravity and gait changes that can lead to low back, pelvic and neck pain. It is common for woman to come in around 28 weeks complaining of back or pelvic pain.

I really enjoy helping Moms to be through this part of pregnancy. I am excited to have added the Webster Technique Certification to my practice last year. The Webster technique is a specific chiropractic adjustment used to balance and improve function in the mother’s pelvis. Balancing the pelvis and normalizing its function may alleviate tense muscles and ligaments which helps the baby to assume optimal fetal positioning. This has been shown to reduce labour times, reduce need for pain medication and relieve back.

Optimal fetal position you say? Why is that so important?

Well, I learned very quickly in my first pregnancy that although my baby was head down this was not enough, to ensure a vaginal delivery!

The mom’s pelvis needs to be symmetrical, free of tension and the joints should be moving properly so the baby can engage in the pelvis and cervical dilation can progress.

Labour Baby Stations

Chiropractic care helps align the mother’s pelvis and make sure it is functioning properly.

If you are a pregnant Mom, a Chiropractic pelvic assessment is an important part of your pre-natal care.

Come visit me, I would love to help you enjoy a healthy pain free pregnancy!

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