It’s no wonder why we often think of spring as a time of renewal, all that melting snow, increased daylight hours and warmer temperatures,  all encouraging us to leave the layers and hibernating of winter behind! This spring why not take the opportunity to look at several areas of your own life and make the most of the season!

As we start to see the green shoots of new life appear we are also reminded of our own health and wellness. Here in Ontario, we’ll begin to see the wonderful local green produce, stalks of asparagus, bitter greens, and spring onions – all of which is so cleansing and full of micro-nutrients. Browse through the stalls of your local farmer’s market and see what is available in your own area! Add some bitter greens to your smoothie in the morning, roast up some asparagus with garlic, toss some new tender lettuce into your evening salad. Add spring to your plate!

Spring offers more than you imagine! Do you feel weighed down after those cold, dark months? Take advantage of the longer days and warmer temperatures, lace up your shoes and take a walk outside. Try a local trail where you can admire the trillium flowers on the forest floor, listen for birdsong, revel in the warmth of the sun – it’s been a long winter with many hours spent inside – you deserve to bath yourself in nature! There is research indicating that spending time outdoors in nature can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. Also, it’s been proven to help boost immunity and improve your mood!

How will you welcome spring this year? Maybe you’ll use the change in season as an opportunity to springboard into a healthier you!