It’s 5:15am and my alarm clock is going off but instead of rolling over and frantically trying to push snooze, I jump out of bed with this image in my mind.

IMG_2449 (1)

Last week’s memory of my son and I waking up at our family cottage, trekking down to the dock in our PJ’s and watching the sunrise over the lake is something I will never forget.

It’s a special place for me, time spent with family over the years but also where I would go to reflect and set goals for (back then) my upcoming school year and varsity cross country seasons. It wouldn’t have felt right, if I had not done some of that same goal setting and review of my life today.

After those beautiful mornings spent on the dock it was clear these were the best hours of the day!

My Miracle Morning

“My Miracle Morning” was born and has continued to evolve with inspiration and guidance from the book Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod. You may have heard of other similar ideas as the ‘Power Hour’ by Jack Canfield or ‘Perfect Day Formula’ by Craig Ballantyne but they all promote the same idea that these morning rituals set the stage for the most productive days and the help on your path to creating the life of your dreams. Who doesn’t want that?


On this trip I received this message loud and clear from a few sources (podcasts I listen to while running or emails I subscribe to). To be honest, I have been feeling stuck in life these days. So I made the commitment then and there that I was going to make this happen in my life.

Generally I thought of myself as a morning person. I often enjoy an early morning workout but it has never been something that I have done consistently. I enjoy getting up with the kids when they wake at 6:15 for those early morning snuggles but these early hours have never been a time for personal growth. Personal Growth is the key to the Miracle Morning!

I am happy to say we have been doing this consistently for over 2 weeks now and it has been life changing!  I am more motivated and productive in my days and by the time my son wakes up, I am ready to greet him with an energetic “Good Morning Handsome!” By this point in my day, I have had over an hour of personal time to fill my soul cup up and now I am eager and ready to start the day with him. Before this, he did not get ‘the best side of me’!  I would wake up groggy and grumpy, taking a few minutes or an energy kiss to lift me out of my morning funk and pull me out of bed. I am so much happier now, with how I am showing up for him each day.

So what does my new morning routine look like? And how did I come up with my personalized routine.

My Personalized Routine

First, I was instructed to make a list of 10 things that make you happy. Here is what my list looked like ….



Then I was told to narrow the list down to  the Top 5 which looked like this….

  1. Gratitude Journal

2. Meditate

3. Workout

4. Listen to an inspiring podcast

5. Drink Coffee


So now my early morning routine starts with drinking a big glass of water (proven to help with fatigue) on my bedside table and picking up and writing in my gratitude journal. Then I get up and put my workout clothes on, meditate for 10 minutes and then head out for a 30-40 minute run with an inspiring podcast on.

The uplifting feelings of gratitude, the clear, calm mind after meditating and the feeling of inspiration and accomplishment after my run have led to some of my best days as a mom, wife and entrepreneur so far!

So, are you ready for change?

I hope you feel Inspired to give Your Miracle Morning a try! There is a good chance after a few days you too will be hooked! Send me a message and let me know how it goes. If you would like to dive a bit deeper with one-on-one coaching I would love to support you.

Here’s to chasing your dreams…..

And being Unstoppable!

Dr. Michaela