Hi, I’m Dr. Michaela. Former Team Canada Athlete (who still loves to run), Doctor of Chiropractic, Transformational Nutrition Coach, Fitness Instructor, Pre-and Post-Partum Educator, Wife, and most importantly, Mom of two. I want to share with you my experience as all of these names, and how each one has led me to where I am today…inspiring to help you reach your personal best!

My Early Days

From a young age I was always very active and health conscious.  After watching my older sister race to the finish line in champion style I was hooked. In high school, I started to focus on running, I joined a track club, and started working with a national calibre coach. It’s common to gravitate towards activities that you are naturally more talented at or have potential in.  I think it is safe to say we have the running gene in our family (all 6 of us runners and my sisters and I competed at provincial, national and international levels) but what made it stick for me was the friends I made, the runners high and the ongoing challenge of pushing yourself to new personal bests.

I was never the fastest, smartest, or most talented, but in all areas of life I was driven to work hard to achieve my personal best and push my personal limits.

Like any athlete pushing yourself, inevitably you soon encounter injuries. Mine brought me to a Chiropractor.

With Chiropractic care, the resolution of this injury and overall improvements in biomechanics helped me not only recover but achieve my personal best representing Canada Internationally. With Team Canada I travelled to China, Puerto Rico, Ireland and Spain.

This experience inspired me to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. I knew this was exactly how I wanted to help people and athletes achieve their personal bests.

Post-Athletic Career

While attending Chiropractic College at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, running was a great outlet for me to cope with the demands of the 4 year post-graduate program. I was driven to find a personal best over new distance. I started training for half marathons and have completed over 20 to date!

After graduating, I remained in Toronto practicing with my mentor and continuing to learn as much as I could.  I was motivated to help other runners achieve their personal bests while staying injury free. I did this through guest speaking and educating runners on injury prevention and coaching many running groups at the local Running Rooms from 5k to half marathon.

Discovering the Joys of Motherhood

From the time you find out you are pregnant you are motivated to do your best for your growing baby – with nutrition, physical treatment, exercises and stress management.

I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on about birthing your baby, only to find out my baby was breech at 32 weeks and if he did not turn, I would need to have a caesarean section. I sought out Chiropractic solutions such as Webster technique: pelvic and sacral adjustments, acupuncture, postural positions and exercises, all to help baby find the best birthing position.  Our baby turned head down at 36 weeks!

The love you feel for this new life arriving safe in the world is beyond words. This amazing time comes with many ups and downs, physically and mentally. With my Chiropractic background, I knew the recovery from childbirth and pregnancy was not a given after delivery.  In order to achieve my Personal Best post partum recovery and to share what I learned with my patients I developed a 6 week recovery program. I am now passionate about sharing this program with postpartum moms in the community and educating them on how to rehabilitate the body properly and safely after childbirth.

Working Mom

I’m currently striving for my personal best at balancing my career and being a mom to 2 beautiful kids.

This ChiroMama has special interest in helping other mamas achieve their personal best pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

I am passionate about wanting to share my lessons learned, knowledge and experience so that others can benefit and achieve their personal bests.  My Journey has led me to find my passion and that is helping others achieve their personal best in each stage of life!